Sunday, 5 August 2018

Tangerine Dream & Solo release and concert calendar - August 2018 - Spring 2019

AUGUST 6: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Ozora Festival, The Dome, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary. Session/improvised set. 01.00 - 2.30am.

AUGUST 10: Tangerine Dream, ØYA Festival, Oslo, Norway. 9.45pm. NB: There will be a live stream of this concert - details to follow

AUGUST 10: Fire Records rerelease MIRACLE MILE on black vinyl.

AUGUST 11: Tangerine Dream, Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden. Timing TBC.

AUGUST 12: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland. 11.00pm.

AUGUST 20:  Tangerine Dream - The SESSIONS III released (Eastgate 083)

AUGUST 24: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Danfestival 2018, Foligno, Italy.

AUGUST 24: Tangerine Dream - The SESSIONS 1 released on CD and vinyl by Invisible Hands Music. 

SEPTEMBER 26:  Hoshiko Yamane, Camera Japan Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  

SEPTEMBER 28:  Tangerine Dream - The Pink Years albums 1970-1973 (Box set, 4x CDs in card sleeves + poster) released 

SEPTEMBER 29: CONCERT: Thorsten Quaeschning's Picture Palace music plays CARGO, Electronic Circus Festival, Detmolder Sommertheater, Detmold, Germany. 9pm.

NOVEMBER 3: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, 'Elektro-Beats Festival', RBB Sendesaal, Berlin, Germany.

NOVEMBER 9: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, 'Mira Digital Arts Festival', Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain.

NOVEMBER 22: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss (Visuals By Nat Urazmetova) 'Now in a timeless present' Oval Space, London. 7.00pm. "A career-spanning retrospective encompassing key works from the past two decades". Early bird tickets available now:

DECEMBER 30: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, ‘Hello 2019”, Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, Germany. 8.00pm. Tickets 39 euros.

9.30pm pause/break

DECEMBER 30: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, ‘Hello 2019”, Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, Germany. 10.00pm. Tickets 39 euros.

Spring (March/April) 2019: New (un-named) Tangerine Dream 'Studio album'.

Tangerine Dream will return to the UK in 2019. Tour dates and countries/venues TBC.

Forthcoming (release dates TBC):

Quaschning & Bargmann - unnamed 'studio album' - first quarter 2019

Thorsten Quaeschning - unnamed 'electronic/ String quartet album' - Fourth quarter 2018

Ulrich Schnauss back-catalogue (studio albums) to be re-released as a remastered boxset c/w unreleased and rare material.

TBC: New Tangerine Dream website to be launched, c/w high-resolution album downloads?

TBC: Tangerine Dream Concert DVD - Union Chapel, April 23, 2018.

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