Thursday, 31 May 2018

TANGERINE DREAM & SOLO concerts and releases: Updated JUNE 5

NEW: JUNE 5: CONCERT: Sasha Pushkin/ Lydia Kavina/ Hoshiko Yamane - 'Theremin Time!', B-Flat, Berlin. 9.00pm.

JUNE 8: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss - Nanocluster 4, with Immersion, The Rose Hill, Brighton. Tickets available.  This will be broadcast on from 7.30 BST.

JUNE 15: Hoshiko Yamane - 'Threads' CD release date.

NEW: JUNE 21:  CONCERT: Hoshiko Yamane & Makoto Sakamoto, Endo Berlin, Germany.  7pm - 10pm.

JUNE 23: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, 'Orbfest', The Roundhouse, London.

NEW:  JUNE 25:  CONCERT:  Ulrich Schnauss, Ambience Chasers #16, the Social, London.  7.00pm - 12.00am.  FREE!

AUGUST 1: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Dekmantel Festival 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Some tickets still available

AUGUST 4: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Ozora Festival, The Dome, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary. Full standard concert.

AUGUST 4: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Ozora Festival, Hungary.

AUGUST 5: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Ozora Festival The Dome, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary. Session/improvised set.

NEW: AUGUST 10:  Tangerine Dream, ØYA Festival, Oslo, Norway.

AUGUST 12: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland.

NEW: AUGUST 24: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Danfestival 2018, Foligno, Italy.

NOVEMBER 9: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, 'Mira Digital Arts Festival', Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain.

Spring (March/April) 2019: New (un-named) Tangerine Dream Studio album.

TBC: New Tangerine Dream website to be launched, c/w high-resolution album downloads?

TBC TD will return to the UK in 2018/19.

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