Saturday, 28 April 2018

Tangerine Dream & Solo MAY - NOVEMBER 2018: Updated MAY 15

NEW: MAY 2: CONCERT:  Mark Peters accompanied by Ulrich Schnauss - performing songs from 'Innerland', The Social, London.  7.30pm.  Tickets available from & priced £5

NEW: MAY 3:  Thorsten Quaeschning live 'Steinberg' interview, Superbooth 2018, Berlin

NEW: MAY 4:  CONCERT: Thorsten Quaeschning/ Franz Bargmann, C-Base Berlin, Germany. 60 minute improvised/ real-time composition session.

MAY 4: 'Cargo' OST by Thorsten Quaeschning's Picture Palace music released on LP (IH79 12 tracks), CD (IHCD79 16 tracks) and digital download (20 tracks). Preorder now from COMPACT DISC SERVICES.


01. Chain Initiation
02. Light Reading Lamp
03. Spotlight Effect
04. Liquid Funds Transfer
05. Isolation Fault
06. Outside A Musical Box
07. Wanderbaustelle
08. Mass Market Claustrophobia
09. Aggravated Circumstances
10. New Insight
11. The End Is Not Far Off
12. Cargo Main Theme
13. Trade Mark Activation
14. Tom’s Theme
15. Modulated Pulse Commands
16. Beating The Container Drums


Side 1:
01. Chain Initiation
02. Light Reading Lamp
03. Spotlight Effect
04. Liquid Funds Transfer
05. Isolation Fault
06. Outside A Musical Box

Side 2:
01. Wanderbaustelle
02. Mass Market Claustrophobia
03. Aggravated Circumstances
04. New Insight
05. The End Is Not Far Off
06. Cargo Main Theme

MAY 12: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, 'Quantum of Electronic Evolution' tour, Theater am Marientor, Duisburg, Germany. Tickets now available from EVENTIM.DE (NOV 6).

MAY 14:  'Firestarter' reissued on Blu Ray by PlanB Entertainment - includes an interview with Johannes Schmoelling & a clip of him playing Charlie's Theme.  (Region B, PAL).

NEW: MAY 18:  CONCERT:  Tangerine Dream, SKIF festival, St. Petersburg, Russia. 

MAY 25: 'The Sessions I' reissued by Invisible Hands Music on vinyl.

MAY 29:  CONCERT:  Ulrich Schnauss - Ambience Chasers, The Social, London.  FREE. 

NEW: JUNE 5: CONCERT:  Sasha Pushkin/ Lydia Kavina/  Hoshiko Yamane - 'Theremin Time!', B-Flat, Berlin. 9.00pm.

JUNE 8:  CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss - Nanocluster 4, with Immersion,  The Rose Hill, Brighton.  Tickets available.

JUNE 15: Hoshiko Yamane - 'Threads' CD release date

NEW: JUNE 23:  CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, 'Orbfest', The Roundhouse, London

AUGUST 1: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Dekmantel Festival 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands. With Four Tet. Some tickets still available

NEW: AUGUST 4: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Ozora Festival, The Dome, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary.  Full standard concert.

NEW: AUGUST 4: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Ozora Festival, Hungary.

NEW: AUGUST 5: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Ozora Festival The Dome, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary.  Session/improvised set.

NEW: AUGUST 12: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland.

NEW: NOVEMBER 9: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, 'Mira Digital Arts Festival', Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain.

Spring (March/April) 2019: New (un-named) Tangerine Dream Studio album.

TBCNew Tangerine Dream website to be launched, c/w high-resolution album downloads.

TBC TD will return to the UK in 2018/19. 

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