Monday, 26 February 2018

TANGERINE DREAM - Record Store day 12"

Available to pre-order now from COMPACT DISC SERVICES:

TANGERINE DREAM: RUN TO VEGAS cw LEVIATHAN (2-Track 12" Very Ltd RSD Release - Stock # 2061990) 12V £12.99

This may be your one-off chance to get this 2018 RSD release without having to travel to and queue outside the nearest participating record store in the early hours!

Being THE major source for TANGERINE DREAM product in the UK, we feel we owe it to our GENIUNE TD fans - yes, we know who you are - to offer them the chance of obtaining harder-to-find items that will keep their collections up-to-date without having to travel miles to even stand a chance of getting a look-in at what they need, so...

After the event, we should have available a limited allocation of this piece of collector's Vinyl that is being released specifically for Records Store Day 2018, and then available on Ebay at grossly inflated prices the day after!!!

If you don't want to go through all that and want a copy of the above April release, PLEASE PRE-ORDER NOW!
Track List:
Side A:
01. Run To Vegas
Side B:
01. Leviathan
Other TANGERINE DREAM and related limited VINYL editions from 2015 - 2018...
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TD: OUT OF THIS WORLD (2LP-Ltd 180gm Orange Vinyl / Gatefold Sleeve) 2LP - Stock # 1812648 - 16.99 *
TD: PARTICLES (2LP-2017 HQ Vinyl Edition) 2LP - Stock # 1986641 - 19.99 *
TD: QUANTUM KEY (LP-Ltd 2016 180gm Vinyl Edition) LP - Stock # 1900130 - 16.99 *
TD: SESSIONS I (2018 Vinyl Edition of the CD Best Seller!) LP - Stock # 2061989 - 19.99
TD: ZEIT (2018 RSD Double Colour Vinyl Replica of 1972 Album with OBI) 2LP - Stock # 2062369 - 29.99
THORSTEN QUAESCHNING'S PPM: CARGO (2018 OST by TD Synth Man) LP - Stock # 2061987 - 19.99
* = Limited Special Offer Stock Price
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