Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pledge music PRICE BREAKDOWN - cheapest to most expensive (all pledges come with an 'ACCESS PASS' which means you get access to any future updates that the band might add during the promotion - videos, interviews, photos etc):

For your information: 

'THE SESSIONS 1' EP seems to ONLY to contain music from TD's recent improvised 'sessions'.  Full details TBC

'QUANTUM GATE' is a full-length studio album featuring Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane. Track listing and running time TBC.

'Quantum Key' EP Download = £7

'The Sessions 1' Series EP Download = £7

'The Sessions 1' Series EP  CD= £10

'Quantum Gate' CD = £10

'Quantum Gate' signed CD, limited to 1000 = £15

'Quantum Gate' T-Shirt = £20

'Quantum Gate' double LP = £21

Signed 'Quantum Gate' CD and T-Shirt = £30

Signed 'Quantum Gate' CD + The Sessions 1 EP + 'Quantum Gate' T-Shirt Bundle = £37

Edgar Froese Zoom-O-Graphic Poster, with printed EF signature = £40

Signed 'Quantum Gate' CD + Vinyl + Quantum Key EP + 'Quantum Gate' T-Shirt Bundle = £55

'Quantum Gate' Signed CD + 'Quantum Gate' Vinyl + 'The Sessions 1" EP Downloads + "Quantum Gate' T-Shirt Bundle = £60

Signed 'Quantum Gate' CD + 'Quantum Gate' Vinyl + 'The Sessions 1' EP + 'Quantum Gate' T-Shirt + Poster = £95

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