Saturday, 22 April 2017

The IMPROVISED SESSION story so far: UPDATE 28.4.17

Improvised sessions - the story so far:

'4.00pm Session' - Dieter Dierks studio Oct 2016 (29 minutes) released on the CD 'PARTICLES'. Also available on the forthcoming vinyl re-issue from INVISIBLE HANDS (JUNE 16 2017).

'9.05pm Session' - Festspiele Berlin Jan 21 2017 (47 minutes) recording confirmed.

'A38 Session' - A38 Ship, Budapest Jan 28 2017 (31.40 minutes) recording confirmed - possible release in 2017?

[Unknown title] 'heavy' AC Hall session - Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong FEB 26 2017 (27.20 minutes).

[Unknown title] rehearsal improvisation - Festspiele Berlin Jan 21 2017 (60 minutes?) Different to 9.05pm session.

Full details unconfirmed: Various recording sessions in Berlin. (5+ hours) with Adrian Bang and others.

Berlin Superboot session 1, Superbooth17, Berlin April 21 2017 (approx 30 minutes)

Berlin Superboot session 2, Superbooth17, Berlin April 21 2017 (60 minutes plus improvisations around LOVE ON A REAL TRAIN, RICOCHET and GENESIS OF PRECIOUS THOUGHTS' (total running time 1hr 50mins+)

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