Thursday, 2 February 2017

TANGERINE DREAM return to improvised live music

The story so far: 

4.00pm Session - Dieter Dierks studio Oct 2016 (29 minutes) released on the CD 'PARTICLES'. 

9.05pm Session - Festspiele Berlin Jan 21 2017 (47 minutes) as yet unreleased.

A38 Session - A38 Ship, Budapest Jan 28 2017 (30 minutes) as yet unreleased,

In the vaults: 

[unknown title] rehearsal improvisation - Festspiele Berlin Jan 21 2017 (60 minutes?)  Different to 9.05pm session. 

[unknown title] studio session - unknown location, possibly Berlin? (unknown running time) x 3

Don't miss your chance of seeing the band live as they start another exciting chapter in the history of TANGERINE DREAM.

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