Thursday, 5 January 2017

PARTICLES - what's new?

04:00 pm Session UNRELEASED 29.14

Stranger Things - Main Theme UNRELEASED 5.47

Rubycon (17.52 on SZCZECIN., 17.25 on PARTICLES – no crowd ambience)

Mothers Of Rain UNRELEASED IN THIS VERSION – released for the first time on PARTICLES 6.47

Power Of The Rainbow Serpent UNRELEASED IN THIS VERSION 8.15 (MALA KUNIA version runs 8.03)

White Eagle 5.19 on SZCZECIN., 5.42 on PARTICLES

Dolphin Dance 5.10 on SZCZECIN., 5.16 on PARTICLES – different bass lines, drum machine parts

Shadow And Sun UNRELEASED IN THIS VERSION, completely reworked and partly improvised from the original version on MALA KUNIA (7.54) PARTICLES version 10.23

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