Wednesday, 26 October 2016

STRATOSFEAR - 40th anniversary 1976 - 2016

Brian Cooke in CREATIVE REVIEW: “We only ever got one award, best album cover design from Melody Maker, for this,” he says, holding up Tangerine Dream's 1976 album Stratosfear, pointing out the different images and processes that make up the abstract image. Together, Cooke and Key experimented with dark room techniques, pioneering the use of Cibachrome direct reversal colour paper and black silver masks in the creation of composite images. The results are all right there on the Stratosfear sleeve. “That's shot from Cleveland Hills overlooking Middlesborough; that's an upside down shot from a plane; the flying slabs, they came from 2001. The type isn't good enough. We probably didn't even see that type until it was proofed. We specced the type up on an overlay, sent it to the printers. Today, you'd just adjust it in Photoshop.”

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