Sunday, 7 August 2016

The title track from EXIT by TANGERINE DREAM as used on the STRANGER THINGS OST

Text from the JAN 1982 issue of E&MM magazine. 

This is a smoothly performed piece with a floating quality that is pushed gently along by the repeated two bar two-note sequence and ‘spiked’ bass sound. There’s a tape reversal effect at the start which is a cymbal backwards and Edgar calls the filter sweeps ‘splashes’. Once again a very strong theme is played on the PPG which appears four times. The syncopation is very precise and gives the subtle move away from the beat that is a feature of TD’s music. It is derived from Chris and Edgar’s liking for modern jazz. The fast running notes up and down in the next stage of the piece are made on the PPG1 Sequencer with a random reset point selected by Edgar during recording to give a free feeling. As the music moves on, real thunder sounds are treated with flanging and phasing.

Edgar Froese: We love to use natural elements against our electronic sounds as a result we don’t actually perform this piece on stage. Some effects such as this do restrict us from playing several pieces live, although for example, we now do the reversed cymbal effect on the MiniMoog.

The piece ends with treated ‘rain’ washing away the music.

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