Tuesday, 14 June 2016

TANGERINE DREAM Szczecin, Poland set-list. Thanks to Thorsten for the information

1. Rubycon - new version
2. Mirage of Reality part One (from Quantum Key)
3. Genesis of Precious Thoughts (from Quantum Key & Quantum Gate)
4. Kiev Mission (from Exit) - new version
5. Logos
6. Ricochet
7. Proton Bonfire (A sequel/different track to Electron Bonfire, this version will appear on Quantum Gate)
8. White Eagle - new version
9. Grind (from Sorcerer)
10. Dolphin Dance (from Underwater Sunlight)
11. Warsaw in the Sun
12. Second Gravity (A sequel/different track to Zero Gravity)
13. Madagasmala
14. Love on a Real Train (from Risky Business)
15. Sorcerer Theme
16. Mirage of Reality part two (from Quantum Key)
17. Song of the Whale (from Underwater Sunlight)
18. The Silver Boots of Barlett Green (from The Angel of the West Window).

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