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TAG/TRAUM Tangerine Dream documentary Newsletter No.3

Newsletter No. 3 - Tangerine Dream Documentary
Take a look into the production of the Tangerine Dream Documentary

Dear Tangerine Dream fans and beloved supporters!

We had a great week discussing with you how to improve our campaign and how to reach our goal. We already improved our list of rewards...but sure there is more to do. Do you have any ideas? Unfortunately, we cannot consider every idea but we try hard to do our best and give you the possibility to participate in this unique project.

There is just 1 month left till our crowdfunding campaign for the first feature length documentary about Tangerine Dream will start. Spread the word!

As we announced last week we want to give you a deep insight into the production of the short Tangerine Dream Documentary. The director Margarete Kreuzer wrote few words about her work on this movie and she will tell us how it all started. To cut a long story short...see for yourself:
Notes about the production of the
Dream Documentary

by director Margarete Kreuzer

My first meeting with Edgar Froese und his wife, Bianca Froese-Acquaye
In 2003 talked to the maestro, Edgar Froese, on the phone for the first time. For me, Edgar – as well as David Bowie – already belonged to the living legends of the music world. I asked him if he would give an interview to me, because I was working that time on a TV report about David Bowie whom I met in New York in the same year. In the 70s, Froese took Bowie over to the Hansa-Studios and helped him finding a flat in West-Berlin. At this time Froese and Bowie were close friends and maybe that was the reason for Edgar not to tell me anything about Bowie’s life in West-Berlin and their friendship.

Exactly 10 years later I called Edgar Froese once again. A very friendly and cheerful voice introduced herself as Bianca Froese-Acquaye who redirected me to her husband. This time Edgar was more communicative when he got to know about my plan to make a documentary about David Bowie. He suggested to show me all the places in West-Berlin recalling his memories of his time with Bowie. The idea to cruise around the city while listening to Edgar’s stories really thrilled me. Unfortunately, we never shot this scene because the documentary never got realized due to many reasons.
Director Margarete Kreuzer with musician Jean-Michel Jarre
In another telephone conversation with Edgar and Bianca, we developed the idea of making a documentary about Tangerine Dream. Bianca, artist and manager of TD, heavily supported this project. Everything felt right to me, so I went to Vienna and we all met in a café at the “Wiener Burgtheater“. Without even a break we talked about Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Picasso, Dalí, and about Edgar’s biography as well as about Tangerine Dream’s music for about six hours. Edgar also mentioned his vision to create something new one more time. It was one of the best, maybe the best conversation I ever had with a musician enjoying a world-wide reputation and his charming wife.
Edgar sharpened my senses of hearing by talking about frequencies and vibrations, he exercised my mind by discussing about quantum physics and mathematics, and he inspired me by talking about his complementary idol, Pablo Picasso. It was an inspiring start for the shooting of the Tangerine Dream Documentary…(to be continued).
Director Margarete Kreuzer
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