Monday, 11 April 2016

Newsletter No. 4 - Tangerine Dream Documentary

Clap for the TD-Doc!
Dear TD-fans and supporters,

We had a great week preparing the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the first Tangerine Dream Documentary.
Nonetheless we still need your help to make more and more people aware of our Tangerine Dream Documentary, which will start on 1st May. All of you might know Facebook and Twitter but there is another way to spread the just have to clap.
A new way to support our campaign by spreading the called

🙌What’s Thunderclap?🙌
Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an online flash mob! By supporting our campaign you and thousands of other people will share the same message (referring to our crowdfunding campaign) on their social networks at the same time (1st May 2016).
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We are currently working on the list of rewards to put your feedback into practice. We still have to do some the new list will be online next week. Your ideas and feedback were a great help for us to improve the list. Thank you!

At this point we want explicitly thank Jeffrey Au-Yeung for providing us scans of some TD-covers. Jeffrey, soon you will see the covers in the short documentary.

Do you have rare footage, material, covers or videos of TD you want to share with us and finally see in the short and feature-length documentary? Feel free to send us everything you want to:
And now enjoy the second part of the production notes about the TD-Doc by our director Margarete Kreuzer.
Notes about the production of the
Tangerine Dream Documentary
No. 2
by director Margarete Kreuzer
Edgar sharpened my sense of hearing by talking about frequencies and vibrations, he exercised my mind by discussing about quantum physics and mathematics, and he inspired me by talking about his complementary idol, Pablo Picasso. It was an inspiring start for the shooting of the Tangerine Dream Documentary…
But then, Edgar passed away unexpectedly in January 2015. We were just thinking about interesting scenes for the script in which he legitimately wanted to be the main actor. I was shocked about his death. But I was very pleased to hear Bianca and the broadcast editors Oliver Schwehm, Peter Sommer, and Rolf Bergmann still wanted to realize the movie.

But the most important person was missing: Edgar Froese. How was I supposed to produce the movie without him? My producer from TAG/TRAUM, Gerd Haag, and his team members, Kerstin Krieg and Connie Kellers, encouraged me to continue the work I have already started.

As Edgar was still alive I was able to shoot some takes of him in his studio. He was wearing his black hat, incredibly cool white sneakers completely lost in thoughts while composing. In our discussion I called David Bowie “The Mozart of pop music” and Edgar “The Bach of electronic music”. He was amused about this, but explained to me the very importance of Johann Sebastian Bach for the music of Tangerine Dream.

The first day of the shooting without Edgar was in September 2015. His adorable wife Bianca accompanied me to the acting place. In the “Berliner Admiralspalast“ we met no one else but the director of the famous movie “The Tin Drum“ and Oscar winner, Volker Schlöndorff...(to be continued). 

Margarete Kreuzer, director 
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End of the lottery 15th April!

Those who already gave their support will also participate in the lottery.
The film classic by director Kathlyn Bigelow with the Original Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.

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