Friday, 25 March 2016

Tangerine Dream Documentary - Newsletter No. 2

Happy Easter!

Dear Tangerine Dream Fans,

First of all there has been a great response from all TD fans concerning our new pitch video. Thanks to all of you!

Now we like to congratulate the winners of our ’’Thief Lottery’’: Robert Dye, Ron Barret and Thomas Bleicher! Enjoy the movie and the fascinating score of Tangerine Dream.

We are in close contact with the fans and supporters to find out how to improve our list of rewards. Actually, you know best what you want and which kind of reward you prefer. Feel free to give us more feedback on our Kickstarter page or Facebook.

The success of a crowdfunding campaign basically depends on good public relations. We are already in touch with music magazines, blogs, and newspapers. But one of the most important factor is the community. Therefore, we kindly ask you to spread the word on your social networks, blogs, and to your friends and family.    

If you need material, photos, if you have some questions or if you just want to say "hello" feel free to contact us. 

Next week our director Margarete Kreuzer will write some words about her experience with Edgar Froese. She will explain how she started making a documentary about the pioneers of electronic music. We can look forward to a deep insight. 
Even though the holidays are now just around the corner, we won’t forget you: We will keep in touch and we also have a nice present for you!

In this sense, Happy Easter to you, your family and those you love!


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