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A TANGERINE DREAM concert & album Calendar 2016 - 2017

An approximate TD/Solo calendar for 2016 and beyond:

FEB/MARCH: Ulrich Schnauss tours the UK and Ireland ahead of his new solo album "No Further Ahead Than Today" - release date NOV 4 2016.

MARCH/APRIL: "Quantum Gate" mixing continued in Berlin. A further track was added later in the year.

Until MARCH 31: Exhibition: "THE ART OF HOW TO DREAM" at MORGENSTERN GALLERY in Berlin on the last day there will be a CLOSING EVENT! The gallery presents EDGAR FROESE's "Zoom-O-Graphics" and some acrylic painting of his wife Bianca Froese-Acquaye. Opening times: Wed to Fri from 3 to 7 pm and by arrangement. Gallery Address: MORGENSTERN-GALERIE, Budapester Str. 14, 10787 Berlin, Germany. 

MARCH 12: CONCERT: Picture Palace music (PPm) concert at Dufte, Berlin. Unpredictable ConSequences tour 2016. See PPm FB event page for details.

APRIL:  Tag/Traum work on the rough cut of the Tangerine Dream documentary (short version).

APRIL 29:  "Shy People" OST reissued on CD with three bonus tracks* by Dragon's Domain Records. NB this is a limited edition of just 1000 units.

* Swamp 3:45
* Nature 1:07 
* Going to Town 2:51

APRIL 30: CONCERT:  Hoshiko Yamane solo concert. Asia House, Copenhagen, Denmark.  6.00pm.  This is now available on soundcloud.

MAY 1: TAG/TRAUMs crowdfunding/ kickstarter page starts, to fund the production of a full length Tangerine Dream documentary. Preview the site now - Peter Baumann/ Bianca Froese-Acquaye/ Michael Mann/ 'pitch' video now online.  See the links section below.  You can also sign up for their regular newsletters. NB TANGERINE DREAM are NOT asking for funding for the short version of the documentary as some fans have mistakenly believed.  THIS PROJECT IS NOW FULLY FUNDED over 71,000 euros were raised- the work will now start on the documentary.

MAY 16: Hoshiko Yamane releases her album 'Discord' on bandcamp: CLICK HERE

MAY 20: Peter Baumann visits Berlin promoting "Machines of Desire".  Interviewed at TD's ex rehearsal space at the former UFA movie studios in Berlin & by Olaf Zimmermann for Radio Eins ELECTRO BEATS (see JUNE 22).

Peter Baumann releases his new solo album "Machines of Desire" on the Bureau B label - available on CD and LP (limited to 500 signed copies). Previews are now available for THREE tracks on Bureau B's soundcloud page. See also youtube for video clip - two new clips will follow soon. Look out for interviews with Peter in the German press.

The Blue Dream
Searching in Vain
Valley of the Gods
Echoes in the Cave
Ordinary Wonder
Crossing the Abyss
Dancing in the Dark
Dust to Dust

Late MAY:  Tangerine Dream together with their engineers rehearse for their upcoming concerts

MAY 26:  [SECRET] CONCERT:  Brandenburg, Berlin, Germany.  A special concert for approximately 100 people.  The band used this as an opportunity to fine tune their live equipment and lights.

MAY 27:  Esoteric Reactive reissue Peter Baumann's Virgin solo albums "Romance 76" & "Trans Harmonic Nights".  CD only (no vinyl release yet).  NB there will be no bonus material on these discs. Sleeve notes by Andy Garibaldi.  Each disc comes with a 16 page booklet.

MAY 27:  Bianca Froese-Acquaye (Edgar's widow) was interviewed in the German magazine SynMag.

MAY 28:  CONCERT: Thorsten Quaeschning's Picture Palace music & Ulrich Schnauss + visual artist Nat Urazmetova concert at the Bochum Zeiss - Planetarium, Germany. 9.00pm.

JUNE 9:  CONCERT:  Tangerine Dream - The Quantum Years - In honour of Edgar Froese (Małopolska 48, 70-515 Szczecin), Poland. 7.00pm. With new computer animation by Patrick Dunn, Grant Wakefield, Glenn Marshall, Colin Legg & Jordan Ewert.  Concert lighting by Andreas Fink:


1. Rubycon - new version
2. Mirage of Reality part One (from Quantum Key)
3. Genesis of Precious Thoughts (from Quantum Key)
4. Kiev Mission (from Exit) - new version
5. Logos
6. Ricochet
7. Proton Bonfire (A sequel/different track to Electron Bonfire) - rumoured to be on QUANTUM GATE.
8. White Eagle - new version
9. Grind (from Sorcerer)
10. Dolphin Dance (from Underwater Sunlight)
11. Warsaw in the Sun
12. Second Gravity (A sequel/different track to Zero Gravity)
13. Madagasmala
14. Love on a Real Train (from Risky Business)
15. Sorcerer Theme
16. Mirage of Reality part two (from Quantum Key)
17. Song of the Whale (from Underwater Sunlight)
18. The Silver Boots of Barlett Green (from The Angel of the West Window).

JUNE 22:  Peter Baumann interview with Olaf Zimmermann broadcast on Electro-Beats on Radio Eins 

JULY 15:  CONCERT:  Ulrich Schnauss, Mars Center, Moscow, Russia. 8.00pm - 11.00pm 

JULY 15:  Ulrich Schnauss appears on the Decca CD 'Re:works'  covering Bach's 'Prelude and Fugue in C'

AUGUST 23:  Berlin: rehearsals start for the band's concerts

SEPTEMBER 2: "Tangerine Dream with Brian May, Starmus Festival" DVD + "Tangerine Dream - Live at the Philharmoie in Szczecin, Poland 2016 CD" released.  NB, shipping will start on SEPT 5 after TD's concert in Germany.
SEPTEMBER 3:  CONCERT: Tangerine Dream - The Quantum Years - In Honour of Edgar Froese’ SCHWINGUNGEN FESTIVAL, “Internationales Festival für Elektronische Musik” Windeck, Germany, 9.30 pm.

SEPTEMBER 5:  "Tangerine Dream with Brian May, Starmus Festival" DVD + "Tangerine Dream - Live at the Philharmoie in Szczecin, Poland 2016 CD" start shipping - order them now over on the Eastgate store

SEPTEMBER 8: CONCERT Tangerine Dream - The Quantum Years - In Honour of Edgar Froese’, Augusta Raurica (open-air Roman ampitheatre), Augst, Switzerland. 8.00pm. Support act: Fréderic Robinson.

Doors open: 18:30
Start: 20:00
End (approx.): 23:45

SEPTEMBER 16: CONCERT: Picture Palace music & Paul Stöher & Band, Hangar 49, Berlin, Germany:

19:21h Sunset
21.00h Doors
21:30h Picture Palace music
23.00h Paul Stöher & Band

OCTOBER:  'Eclipsed' magazine release ROCK Hardback book, with a large (20 printed pages) feature on Tangerine Dream.  German language only. Full details and review to follow.

OCTOBER 1:  CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss live at the Electric Circus, Detmold, Germany

OCTOBER 1: CONCERT: Picture Palace music & Floyd reloaded,  Lindenpark Potsdam, Berlin, Germany:

18:45h Sunset
19.30h Doors
20:00h Picture Palace music
21.00h Floyd Reloaded

OCTOBER 10: CONCERT: Picture Palace music: Lindenpark, Potsdam, Germany

OCTOBER 28:  Utima Thule (Vinyl compilation) issued by Cleopatra Records:

1. The Ones - Lady Greengrass (7 Single 1967)
2. The Ones - Love Of Mine (7 Single 1967)
3. Oszillator Planet Concert (1971)
4. Ultima Thule Part 1 (7 Single 1972)
5. Ultima Thule Part 2 (7 Single 1972)
6. Asteroid Agenda (1972)
7. Overture (1974)

NOVEMBER 4:  "Quantum Key" re-issued on vinyl by 'INVISIBLE HANDS'. This was mastered at Abbey Road recording studios on July 22 2016.  Now available to pre-order from AMAZON.CO.UK.

NOVEMBER 4:: Ulrich Schnauss's latest solo album "No Further Ahead Than Today" released by SCRIPTED REALITIES [PIAS]. Available on CD & LP.

NOVEMBER 5:  CONCERT:  Ulrich Schnauss as 'secret special guest'.  XAM DUO.  Total Refreshment Centre, London.  7.00pm.  Ulrich 8.45-9.30. APPEARANCE CANCELLED.

NOVEMBER 7:  CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss will be the support act for Pyschic TV, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London. 7.00pm. CONCERT MOVED & ULRICH'S APPEARANCE WAS CANCELLED.

NOVEMBER 8:  Ulrich Schnauss in store performance at London's Rough Trade East Record Store. Tuesday at 1:00-1.45pm + signing session. Free entry.

NOVEMBER 16.  CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss - "No Further Ahead Than Today" launch party, Echoes, London (SOLD OUT) 

NOVEMBER 19:  CONCERT:  Ulrich Schnauss - Special guest + DJ set.  IMMERSON: Malka Spigel & Colin Newman. Tel Aviv Israel. 8.30 - 11.59pm

NOVEMBER 25. CONCERT: Picture Palace music: Congress centrum 7neue Weimar, Germany.

NOVEMBER 25:  "TANGERINE DREAM - SOUNDS FROM ANOTHER WORLD" (The short "60 minute" version of the Tangerine Dream documentary), directed by  Margarete Kreuzer will be broadcast on ARTE:

NOVEMBER 26:  TD's new double CUP-DISC 'Particles' was added as a preorder to the Eastgate store.  Shipping starts Dec 15

DECEMBER 15:  Particles shippedThe double CD includes a long improvised track recorded at Dieter Dierks studio in 2016 as well as TD covering the main theme music from the hit NETFLIX series STRANGER THINGS.

2017: Edgar's 'TD' autobiography "Force Majeure" to be released.: Now expanded from 500 to almost 1000 pages + photos etc. Extra content TBC. If this is taking to long for you -  get a refund by emailing TD at . AUGUST; the layout for the book is now being worked on. 


JANUARY 12: CONCERT:  Picture Palace music, Berlin, Germany

JANUARY 14.  CONCERT:  Picture Palace music, De Enck, Oirshot, Netherlands.

FEBRUARY 26:: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, AC Hall (Accademic Community Hall), Hong Kong.  TBC.

Tentative plans:

Tour of South America
Tour of Asia
Tour of  the U.S.A - major cities only?

 NB this will see the band return to a more improvised set, as well some classics.

MARCH: ????

APRIL: Kickstarter rewards sent out + full length Tangerine Dream documentary released on DVD? The total was reached in MAY 2016.

TANGAUDIMAX museum opens in Berlin - full details to follow. NB 20% of all sales at the Eastgate store will go towards funding this project:

NB these are only rough ideas/ guesses...full info only available from TD nearer the date. Please sign up for the official Tangerine Dream newsletter over on their website main page - just enter your email address.

2017 and beyond:

More Tangerine Dream studio albums, including some possible collaborations with ex-members:  TBC.

The re-introduction of improvisation into TD's live set.

Hoshiko's solo album - release date and title TBC

New PPm studio album a track from which was recently played by Ulrich during his 6 hour radio show. Release date and title TBC

DVD release of the "Art Of How To Dream" event/ concert. Content and release date TBC - See kickstarter FAQ's for some answers.

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