Tuesday, 22 December 2015

TANGERINE DREAM: the future?

In case you've missed some of the recent news:

1. Are Tangerine Dream continuing after Edgar's passing? YES

2. Who's in the group now? THORSTEN QUAESCHNING (Synths, keyboards, guitar & drums), ULRICH SCHNAUSS (Synths) & HOSHIKO YAMANE (Electric Violin)

3. Will the band tour in 2016? YES

4. Is Peter Baumann involved with the current lineup? NO

5. Are any other ex-members re-joining the band? NO

6. Will the new band continue doing albums after QUANTUM GATE? YES

7. When will the new studio album "QUANTUM GATE" be released? SPRING 2016

8. When will be the first chance to hear the current members of the group playing their solo tracks? JAN 30, 2016 @ the HAUS DER BERLINER FESTSPIELE (Foyer) in BERLIN from 5.00pm - 11.00pm. NB: Invite only, so please register by emailing: vernissage-eastgate@gmx.com

9. Is it true that there will be a Tangerine Dream Museum? YES it will be called 'TANGAUDIMAX' - but this is a huge project so it will take time.

10. Where will the museum be located? In BERLIN, GERMANY

11. How will the museum be funded? 20% of every purchase from TD's Eastgate store will go to the museum

12. Where can I find the latest news on the museum? Bianca (Edgar's wife) has launched a special website here: http://www.tangaudimax.com/

13. Where can I get the latest TANGERINE DREAM news? Join TD's email list on their official website homepage (just enter your email address)

14. Is FORCE MAJEURE - the TD/EF autobiography still being worked on? YES 100% - although the discovery of extra chapters has delayed translation & proof reading. Release date to be confirmed, but in 2016. Extracts from the book will be read out during the Vernissage on JAN 30, 2016 in BERLIN (see above). More news as it's announced....

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