Wednesday, 8 October 2014

++++Edgar Froese to take part during a panel discussion++++

14.11.14:  'Face the Music 2014', Arts Centre, Melbourne.  Ticketed Panel discussion.  Edgar Froese & others:

Ayisha Jaffer - Saiko Management
Marshall Betts - Windish Agency
Adam Lewis - Planetary Group
Underground Resistance
Edgar Froese - Tangerine Dream
Nai Palm - Artist, Hiatus Kaiyote
Henry Wagons - Artist, Wagons
Wally 'Meanie' Kempton - Artist Manager
Oscar Key Sung - Artist
Georgie Powell - Youtube
Kirin J Callinan - Artist
Alek Akers - Artist
Will Larnach-Jones - Parallel Management
Rob Giovannoni - Select Music
Owen McKern - PBS FM
Matt Ridgway - Ableton Live User Group
Jess Ribeiro - Artist
Tony ‘Jack The Bear’ Mantz - Jack TheBears Deluxe Mastering
Vanessa Hutley - Music Rights Australia
Stuart Watters - AIR
Pam Thornback - Inertia
Scott Fitzsimons -
Shaun Adams - Venue Booker
Henry Compton - The Orchard

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