Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Edgar's TANGERINE DREAM autobiography to be released

"TANGERINE DREAM - FORCE MAJEURE - 1967 - 2014, written and compiled by EDGAR FROESE" NEW !!!
Article No. eastgate 001 book
Artist: Tangerine Dream
€ 49.90


Finally - here it is: The one and only AUTOBIOGRAPHY of TANGERINE DREAM written by EDGAR FROESE himself, more than 500 pages, authentic, sincere and free-spirited - the extraordinary adventures of a band and especially its head and founder who were writing history together with their electronic innovations in a fossilized landscape of music in the seventies.

Edgar's narrative style in "FORCE MAJEURE" is very straightforward and uncompromising reflecting his 'storm and stress' period in the sixties. At the same time his language is humorous and picturesque - a language you are already familiar with from his musical compositions. This book is exciting from the beginning till the end even for people who don't know Edgar or Tangerine Dream. You will read quite a few never told stories as well as a straightforward correction of many rumours circulating among fans through the years. One chapter for example will exactly explain the split of work during the composing and recording process. Edgar will also give credit to those people who did help the band on various levels with their creative support and warm-hearted advice. So everything will come out of one hand – a big pioneering story about the suffering and longing of someone who started just to create some progressive sounds and ended up writing history.

This autobiography does not only inform about a career of a band, but Edgar mainly provides an insight into his life, the life and work of his band, their numerous concert tours through the world, their thinking and acting, their inspirations, cooperations and conflicts. Some strange episodes with some colleagues who gave the band a hard time as well as hundreds of encounters and episodes with many interesting and well-known personalities like Salvador DalĂ­, David Bowie, Brigitte Bardot, Andy Warhol, John Peel, Michelangelo Antonioni, Andy Summers, Jimi Hendrix, Kathleen Bigelow, Oliver Stone, Bob Moog, Steve Nicks, Ridley Scott, William Friedkin, Michael Mann etc. - just to mention a few. More than 45 years on stage and 16 years of scoring in Hollywood have offered that much content and destiny that it could have been sufficient for two lives.

Edgar is writing this autobiography for more than seven years now. The time has come to release it to the public and you will have the opportunity to realize this project by supporting your favorite band. EASTGATE will now start preselling this book in order to finance its printing and translation into English language (which will take about six months). The pre-sale also enables the EASTGATE team to estimate the quantity of the books to be printed and above all it ensures them their independency towards the publishing companies which are so far very interested in this project but with their own conditions. This would mean that they would automatically receive a right of co-determination which would destroy the book's authenticity. Edgar wouldn't accept this.

All participants of the presale profit from a reduced presales price and the first 500 buyers will additionally receive a special EP with three new unreleased Tangerine Dream tracks - signed and limited to 500 pieces. The book itself will contain another CD with some music and a special interview with Edgar, it will be made of a hardcover, will have more than 500 large-sized pages with many so far unreleased photos etc. etc. Another highlight: There will be a lottery among all presale buyers and 20 of them can win an invitation to the book release party.

There will be a German and an English version of the autobiography. Later on we don't exclude to work together with a publishing company to release the book also in further languages, but the first edition will definitely be with EASTGATE. Afterwards the book and its content will and cannot be changed anymore by publishers.


Projected release date: DECEMBER 2014/SPRING 2015 at the latest.

As always: First come, first served (The current book cover is subject to change.)

If you have some questions with regard to the book, please send them to and we will answer them. Every 14 days we will post most of your questions and answers to our public FORUM. You will find them under the thread: "TD on HISTORY".

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