Friday, 13 December 2013

Franz Kafka's The CASTLE

You now download Tangerine Dream's latest studio album from the download section of their Official website. Click here for more information

News from the official TD newsletter:

Hi Guys, Just some short news for you:

1. We just uploaded the two new albums - FRANZ KAFKA - THE CASTLE (the fourth Eastgate's Sonic Poem Series album) - BOOSTER VI (Double-CD, compilation) as high-quality MP3 files to our DOWNLOAD SHOP: This will be especially interesting for our fans from overseas to get the music immediately.

 2. All parcels containing the pre-sale albums KAFKA + BOOSTER VI are already dispatched and on the way to your home. 

PS: For our TDOC members: The raffle is still on and will last until 24th December - so you still have the chance to win a journey to the Paris concert!! Thumbs up! 

PPS: TURIN (Italy) and COPENHAGEN (Denmark/PREMIERE - MUSIC OF "SORCERER") have been added to our FAREWELL TOUR SCHEDULE. Just take a look at our website under CONCERT DATES. More news coming before X-mas! All the best, EB (ADMIN) EASTGATE MUSIC & ARTS
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