Monday, 2 December 2013

Tangerine Dream perform SORCERER OST live in Denmark

Google translated quote from a Danish site

'This is a real world premiere, since SORCERER has never before been performed live. The concert will even be supplemented with an additional 30 minutes of music, which did not end up in the finished film. This material has never been played before, and it will thus be the first chance to hear it ever!

Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Thursday 3 April 2014, at. 19.00 (doors)
Tickets on Billetlugen'

Click here for details 

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  1. I hope they will record this for a future release!!

  2. Andy, I assume you meant 3 April 2014?

  3. I suspect they will :)

  4. Thanks! What a great news! Just got the ticket on row 4. First TD show in Denmark ever. A dream came through,

  5. I hope this concert will BE in 2014 not already was in 2013 :-)

  6. I appreciate their kind response to fans like me who requested a full soundtrack concert of them, Much love & regard goes to Tangerine Dream for making this dream come to reality!

  7. Tangerine Dream doing Sorcerer, plus Michael Rother. This is my Dream concert. I might have to get a passport and attend. I hope this come out on DVD.

  8. Great news.
    Have already booked tickets.
    Finally. TD in Scandinavia

  9. The very first time I feel like going to a TD concert (I met TD's music post-2000, long past their "glory days", which ends some time mid-eighties IMHO), and the presence of Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius makes it even more attractive. I don't care for anything, and I say "anything", Edgar and whoever he chose to join him to form some version of Tangerine Dream produced in the 2000 (even in late '80's and all of '90's for that matter; including the -relatively- new Phaedra stuff; I didn't like the P 2005 DVD the least), but "Sorcerer"?!?!!! The closest thing to a live representation of Sorcerer (AFAIC) are the bits they (the golden trio) played in 1977 North America Tour, along with excerpts from Stratosfear.
    I never ever imagined of having the slightest wish for attending a TD concert, not even if they showed up on my doorstep (not that they would ever come to Istanbul) but this Sorcerer thing turned the scales altogether! Now I'm seriously considering renewing my passport!
    Hopefully some recording of the concert turns up in any case. That would be the very first post-1985 recording I'd be interested in any way! (Green Desert excluded, most parts being recorded in '73)
    Thanks Andy, by the way, for the news. Zest really got me this time :)

  10. Rother wasn't very good for me afraid, no where as good as when he played with Steve Smith

  11. BTW TD DID NOT record this concert for DVD or Blu Ray release


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