Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Official SORCERER concert information from Tangerine Dream

Next year's PHAEDRA FAREWELL TOUR will start with a sensational opener in Denmark:  TD will perform for the first time ever the complete score of WILLIAM FRIEDKIN's movie "SORCERER" at the Copenhagen Film Festival CPH PIX on 3rd APRIL 2014. This performance will be a world premiere in the presence of director William Friedkin and about 90 min long plus encores. This well-known soundtrack of TD's first Hollywood movie can be heard in a newly arranged setting including some extra material which never found its way onto the original movie score. The extra material came from some sheet music Edgar wrote back in 1976 for the movie.

SORCERER will be performed in the great TIVOLI Concert Hall. Don't miss this unique concert - TD's first time in Denmark and with such an extraordinary set!


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