Monday, 28 October 2013


Hi Guys,

Just some SHORT NEWS for you:

- TDOC CLUB RAFFLE SOLUTION - All club members just have a look into the TDOC!! Congratulations to all the winners!!

- TWO NEW ALBUMS in sight: KAFKA - "THE CASTLE" and BOOSTER VI will be in pre-sale within the next days.....!!

- We will also have at least TWO NEW SHIRTS in our shop soon!!

- Furthermore we will open a new category in our EASTGATE shop: MEMORABILIA - here you will find from time to time some very special items from TD/Edgar in very limited quantities. We will inform you on the opening in time!

- We hopefully will have the FINAL "PHAEDRA FAREWELL TOUR 2014" SCHEDULE within the next 10 days!!! Some more concerts will definitely be added!!! Hopefully close enough to your home.....

The current tour schedule can be taken from our website under CONCERT DATES.


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