Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Official TD newsletter - dated Jan 6th 2013

Hi Guys,


May 2013 be a very fruitful and creative year with regard to Tangerine Dream music!!

2013 already started well for TD:

Finally the Brian May management did agree to a release of the Tenerife concert!!

Now we are working at full speed on the release of a Blu Ray and CD - the waiting was worthwhile....

Further projects the band is currently working on: The Kafka studio album and the Berlin Live Concert on DVD, other projects as well (i.e. Luxury Pack and Undercover II), but the aforementioned with priority.

Please don't forget: TODAY (6 Jan 2013) is the last day of our X-mas sale: Order your items without ANY POSTAGE!!

Wherever you live!

PS: If you are a member of the TDOC club you have the wonderful unique chance to participate in the new RAFFLE and win a CRUISE CABIN for two on the MSC POESIA setting sails from 25 - 30 March 2013 for the Caribbean Sea! Enjoy two TD concerts on the ship together with many other prog rock performances from YES, STEVE HACKETT (Genesis), CARL PALMER (ELP), SAGA, UK, NEKTAR etc. Enter the raffle until the 20 January!!

Until today we already made TDOC updates in the following areas: DOWNLOADS, VIDEOS, INTERVIEWS, TD RAFFLE.

More to come within the next week, especially BLOG, GALLERY and BACKSTAGE PHOTOS etc. ____________________ Best regards, EINSTEIN'S BARBER (ADMIN)

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