Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cleopatra to re-issue the 3 CD set - Zeitgeist Concert-Live at the Royal Albert Hall London 2010

click here Latest release date - February 26th, 2013.

Cleopatra blurb: 
A spectacular 3CD live recording of the already legendary 2010 performance at Royal Albert Hall by the critically adored, hugely influential band Tangerine Dream!

Opening with a dramatic cello quartet followed by an improvisational piano piece, this breathtaking show includes vibrant takes on classic TD material from the blockbuster albums Phaedra, Rubycon, and so much more!

The ZEITGEIST CONCERT is a live recording of the already legendary Royal Albert Hall concert on April 1st 2010 in London. This performance starts with a theatrical mysterious cello opening, leads into a beautiful piano improvisation by Linda Spa – getting brutally interrupted by Edgar Froese’s beating with a whip on the grand piano strings – symbolizing that all beautiful things won’t last forever…… and then suddenly the new sound arrangement of Rubycon 2010 taking the audience’s breath away: what a great opening!

In April 1975 Tangerine Dream played the Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time. So it was the 35th Anniversary in April 2010. In April 1970 TD released their first long-play album ever. This made a 40th Anniversary in April 2010. So TD indeed had to celebrate something which they took account of by performing a chain of very popular 33 tracks (see tracklist above) – a choice which wasn’t easy at all considering a portfolio of more than 1000 compositions over the decades….
The atmosphere in the Royal Albert Hall was very different to other places – cool and intimate at the same time – it felt as if the place was absolutely worthy to pay tribute to the band’s enormous lifework.

The 3 CD clear tray set comes with a 16-pages booklet picturing at least a part of the tunes you will be enjoying – a more than 3 hours trip through your brain!:-)


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