Thursday, 8 November 2012

Missing but wanted my wants list 1969 - 1974

Scans, photocopies, originals or just accurate info needed on the following:
Unknown date 1969: Unknown article on the group. Song Magazin, Nr 1. In German.
NOVEMBER 1971: Summary & photo of the band. Pop. In German.
FEBRUARY 1972: Unknown Item. Pop. In German
23.12.72: Germany Calling part 3 article by Ian McDonald. NME (yes I am aware that extracts are available online)
12.4.73: Kosmische Music by John Peel. The Listener (yes I am aware that there's an extract online)
JULY 1973: Radio Interview Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze & the artist Jacques Wyrs. Audio recording or transcript.
23.3.74: Phaedra LP review. Record Mirror.
25.3.74: Unknown advert. NME.
21.4.74: Unknown TD article. Ciao 2001 #16. In Italian.
JUNE 1974: Unknown article or news item. Musik Express. In German
1.6.74: Tangerine Dream news item.
NME. JULY 1974: Phaedra advert. 5 Years of Rock.
1.7.74: Unknown article – features a picture of Atem. Super Sound No 26. Year III. In Italian (yes I have seen the small online thumbnail)
21.7.74: Unknown TD article. Ciao 2001. No 29. In Italian
17.8.74: TD mentioned in the gigging section. Melody Maker
24.8.74: Unknown item. Melody Maker
14.9.74: Unknown article. NME
28.9.74: Unknown Tangerine Dream news. NME.
28.9.74: TD news. Sounds. Known small item.
5.10.74: News Item. NME.
12.10.74: Half-page Atem LP advert. NME.
13.10.74: Phaedra advert. Chicago Tribune. Page 12.
19.10.74: News Item. Melody Maker. I don’t have a copy of this.
24.10.74: Phaedra LP review. Downbeat magazine. Vol 41, No. 17
26.10.74: TD in the gigging section. NME.
5.11.74: Free Trade Hall concert review by Barry Coleman, Manchester Guardian
23.11.74: Unknown TD article. NME.
23.11.74: Unknown TD article. Muziekkrant OOR, Dutch magazine.
DECEMBER 1974: Unknown Tangerine Dream article. Rock & Folk. In French.
DECEMBER 1974: Unknown Tangerine Dream article or review. Pop. In German
DECEMBER 1974: Unknown concert review (Reims?). Popular 1, #18. In Spanish.
21.12.74: Unknown item. NME.

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  1. Hello Andy, got your details from Michael Berling who indicated that you may be able to help:
    I remember an interview 1977 for NME discussing Low with Bowie and his reference to influence by Edgar Froese - Bowies appreciation for his album 'Epsilon In Malaysian Pale'.
    Was the interview later reprinted in any source that you may have seen or have any acount of an interview of Charles Shaar Murray or Roy Carr to this?

    What is irritating me is that I found this quoute from Bowie and I can't find out its source :
    I found this often repeated quote in the net ( WE CAN BE HEROES Andy Gill, Mojo, April 1997 ) but there is unfortunatly no source given to the text (when was it said, to whom was it said usw.)

    "I was a big fan of Kraftwerk, Cluster and Harmonia, and I thought the first Neu! album, in particular, was just gigantically wonderful," admits Bowie. "Looking at that against punk, I had absolutely no doubts where the future of music was going, and for me it was coming out Germany at that time. I also liked some of the later Can things, and there was an album that I loved by Edgar Froese, Epsilon In Malaysian Pale; it's the most beautiful, enchanting, poignant work, quite lovely. That used to be the background music to my life when I was living in Berlin. In a way, it was great that I found those bands, because I didn't feel any of the essence of punk at all in that period, I just totally by-passed it."

    Epsilon In Malaysian Pale was originally released in Germany on 08.09.1975.

    Bowie lived in Berlin between the end of 1975 to 1978 - so it is an interesting influence.
    Low was released on 22.01.1977 and there was an interview with the New Musical Express in Britain with Bowie in April that appeared in the NME as far as I know also in April that year.

    Thank you if you can offer any help


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