Friday, 26 October 2012

Latest CDs/ DVD Delayed

From Tangerine Dream's Admin:

Hi Guys, Unfortunately bad news: The delivery of the new items (Berlin/Budapest CD/DVD) we received today and should have been mailed out tomorrow contained some major errors and we therefore had to immediately investigate within the pressing plant. This was very annoying for us but the mistakes happened within the overall sound quality and were in no way acceptable. By investigating about this failure it became very apparent that it was a pressing mistake. Please accept our apologies for this kind of event but it obviously happened out of our control. We will of course immediately inform you after receiving the new shipping date (we reckon with about 14 days maximum). As we feel responsible for our customers and fans of our music we would like to add at least to all orders received so far a little comfort in the form of a signed new postcard. 20 of those postcards will be stamped on the back side and the lucky recipient of such a stamped postcard will get a voucher for two further products (CD/DVD/Shirt/Poster/Zoomo) from our Eastgate shop. It’s still worth waiting for the dream…. Kind regards, Einstein’s Barber (ADMIN) 

UPDATE: 10.11.12 - The CD's have been shipped and the DVD will follow soon.

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