Tuesday, 31 July 2012

EMI/Virgin re-issue Ricochet

The new EMI/Virgin Records re-issue of Ricochet - in a single sleeve and on heavyweight vinyl. Cat No. VR2044/ 5099962434515. Ricochet and Stratosfear both come with the original full-colour Virgin Records label, designed by Roger Dean.

Pros: 1. It's just nice to see this classic album available once again on Vinyl. 2. EMI have used some heavy weight Vinyl this time (180gram?). 3: Nice to see the full-colour Roger Dean label - although to my eyes they've boosted the colour slightly. 4. The LP comes in a good quality (Black) inner bag.

Cons: 1. The colour reproduction of the sleeve is IMHO way off, for a start the blues are all wrong - perhaps somebody tried to colour correct it in Photoshop?, the image is also slightly grainier - again this might just be a product of Photoshop's sharpening tool. 2. EMI in their wisdom have spelt two of the musicians names wrong on the label - Hans Baumann I can live with - it should be Hans-Peter, or Hanspeter, but since when did Christoph have an E at the end of his name? 3. The labels - as I said they're nice, but the original UK release featured a different design (brown/green with the purple 'two virgins' ). 4. The credits on the labels have been changed - the original shows: Franke/Froese/Baumann whilst the new version shows: Christophe Franke/Hans Baumann/Edgar Froese.

Not checked: 1. The sound quality or whether Ricochet pt II has the 'footsteps/clapping' intro - somehow I doubt it as the LP is based on the 1995 Virgin Records remaster.

Update 2.6.13: The morons at EMI/ Virgin have done it again, yes they've left off the beginning of the track!

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