Saturday, 6 August 2011

RIP Conrad Schnitzler: 1937-2011

Conrad Schnitzler sadly died on August 4th. RIP Conrad. As KDM pointed out to me this evening, it was also Klaus Schulze's birthday.

Global living, in short................

Since some time, I globalize me.
Why just living in one country,
why just sleeping in one country,
why just being buried only in one country,
now that we think and live globally.

I would like to be at beautiful places in the world,
without to move me from my place here.
I send my DNA (my hair) to different places in the world.
This means I'm all over the world.
I'm everywhere, even when I'll be dead.
Nobody must come to my grave in Berlin.
My friends can visit me in the whole world now.

So if friends want to give me a place...., welcome.
I'll send a DNA sample to bury me.
I am in the whole world at home now. I love this feeling.

Conrad Schnitzler

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  1. Conrad se nos adelanto ene le camino, la musica electronica moderna esta de luto.
    Schnitzler fue uno de los que le dieron otra cara a la música electrónica.Descanse en paz.


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