Wednesday, 20 July 2011

ZEIT boxset/ ER update

There will be a slight delay with the release of the ZEIT boxset, as the printing needs to be checked by ER's artist (probably w/e 31.7.11). If it's ok and no errors are found then expect the set soon after that. Pre-sales have been very good indeed, with over 600+ copies being sold already.

Talking of which the first run of the Zeit 2 CD set has completely sold out. NB: The second reprint doesn't come in a slip case; apparently this is standard practice at Esoteric/ Cherry Red Records.

As I mentioned last time Esoteric will also release limited editions of Alpha Centauri and Atem, and they hope to also include a large format book (anything up to 10 inches square*) with the LPs, but nothing has been finalised quite yet.

Work continues on the standard CD releases of Atem (EREACD 21019) and Underwater Sunlight (EREACD 1020) - both contain sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome. The artwork for both should be finished today (26.7.11). As several people pointed out the error in using the Dolphin Dance 12", ER have chosen to use just Dolphin Smile on the CD.

*Although not as large as the ZEIT boxset

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