Thursday, 14 July 2011

TDOC updated

Tangerine Dream have updated their online club (TDOC):

Downloads: Calumet (studio track) also mentions that the complete version of the Lowry concert would be made available.

Videos: two clips from the Starmus concert (both featuring Brian May): Star Sounds & Sally’s Garden. Also mentions that the entire concert would be available soon a Blu Ray disc.

Blog: a write of TD’s concert at the Starmus Festival covering the after show meet and greet, by Bianca.

Extra Orange: A transcript of Brian May’s complete ‘What are we doing in Space’? Speech that he delivered during the Starmus Concert.

Interviews: A photo of the Taxi TD had outside the Lowry concert advertising their concert (care of Ron Barrett). Links to various reviews of the Lowry & Starmus concerts.

plus a New 'easy' raffle & back stage photos from the Starmus concert.

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