Friday, 15 July 2011

Esoteric Recordings - News

Esoteric Recordings re-issue of ALPHA CENTAURI will also have a second disc with:


  1. Would buy the set for bonus disc track 1 alone, or even track two if it's the original 7" version. Any chance you could convince Esoteric to squeeze in the Vampira soundtrack on that disc? Thanks for the good work on Poland, looking forward to the Zeit box.


  2. Hi Jacob

    I have no influence over track selection or the audio side of things at all really - I only do the sleeve notes (when needed, adding captions or correcting obvious errors). Malcolm Dome has taken over for Atem and US....but I will return for AC...due for a limited Vinyl release later this year c/w a repro of the Ultima Thule single). My roll is to support the label and give them whatever memorabilia I can or that other people supply me - indrectly (with credits). The only time ER ran anything past me was when they were thinking of putting AC out first, and I said Zeit or Atem would be 'probably' more popular. If 'you' would like some input I suggest you drop Mark or Vicky a line at ER and then recommend what you'd like, and if possible give them an idea where they could source the material, baring in mind that ER are a small company, therefore can't always afford to get things we would think of small money (they couldn't use for instance Paul Slattery's(?) photos that he took in Poland with TD - they asked - when I asked- but he wanted too much).

    I hope ER can do the planned BIG bootleg set (TT discs + more stuff) one day (next year?), we vaguely chatted on it. IMHO it could be the most lavish sets TD have ever put out. But as it stands it's only an idea

  3. I hope the ZEIT boxset will at least have a few things in it that even the most die-hard fan hasn't seen before. All I can say is that Phil Smee has done a a very nice job of the design and the overall presentation...and fingers crossed it will out very soon. Like you I am really looking forward to see what the finished item looks like.

  4. Thanks for the extensive reply Andy, and thank you for the update on the Zeit box!

  5. A second disc sounds totally redundant, since there would be enough room in the first CD to include all those tracks (even more, if wanted, like the Vampira ST as Jacob rightfully stated)
    I don't know why record companies choose to go the long way. Is this a way to better rip off the music lovers? No offense Andy!
    Thanks for the info you provided btw.

    (early edit: Vampira soundtrack as published in TT series is apparently 34~ min., so it wouldn't fit in one disc along with both Ultima Thules and Oszillator thing, still, since there is no intention to include Vampira, my point that AC, UT & Osz. would fit into 1 disc is valid...)

  6. @ Bilek, no offense mate. Seriously though, if you have any ideas or suggestions please email ER (Mark & Vicky Powell) and let them know. Honestly they really do listen to fan's ideas, especially if you have an idea where to source material or have some recordings yourself.

  7. Lads please email Vicky Powell at:


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