Thursday, 9 December 2010

Poll Closed

The poll is now closed, many thanks to everyone who bothered to vote. The full results (including the scores that were directly emailed to me) are:

1.Vintage interviews 105 points

2.Expanded articles on a particular album, tour or concert 103.5 points

3.Concert/ Studio Photos 97 points

4.Vintage reviews 91 points

5.Concert reports 89 points

6.Vintage memorabilia 88 points

7.New interviews with the group 82 points

8.Vintage adverts 75 points

9.Readers reviews (concerts and/or CDs) 71 points

10.Readers comments 67 points

As you can see the vintage adverts and readers sections were the least popular so I won't be adding them, instead I'll be concentrating on the top 3. Thanks.

Updated December 14th, 2010.

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