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Broadcast date: 25th November 2016, 9h45 pm, arte
ARTE TV will broadcast Margarete Kreuzer's (director) documentary (about 58 min) on Tangerine Dream for the first time - an insight into Edgar Froese's and his band's pioneering work, interviews with his family and companioned artists and colleagues and many more.
Don't miss it! We are so happy that this project came into life!
(FYI: The 90 min documentary on TD - crowdfunded and supported by many of you - is still in progress and will probably be released in spring 2017!)
To all the TD diehard fans: ARTE organised in cooperation with the GOETHE INSTITUTE PARIS a PREMIERE celebration in PARIS on Wednesday, 16th November 2016 at the GOETHE INSTITUTE (7:30 pm). The institute will present the film for the first time and there will be an interview with the film director and some protagonists afterwards.
EASTGATE MUSIC & ARTS will raffle an eco flight to Paris off (including hotel for one night) for one person and will additionally give away 25 entrance tickets for this event. All you have to do is to send in a mail to, in which you describe with a maximum of three sentences WHY you love TANGERINE DREAM music!
All incoming mails will take part in the raffle and the winners will be informed on 25th October 2016.
RAFFLE VALID until 24th October 2016!
Good luck!
Warmest regards,
PS: Right after the premiere of "TANGERINE DREAM - SOUNDS FROM ANOTHER WORLD" on 16th Nov 2016 the Goethe Institute Paris will show the film "THE SORCERER" by William Friedkin. Film score by Tangerine Dream.
PPS: Next newsletter will follow soon - with more information on the autobiography and other things.

Music Week Sync Awards 2016

Good to see Tangerine Dream get some recognition at the Music Week Sync Awards, where 'Love On A Real Train' won in the Best Trailer award for it's appearance in the promo trailer for Ben Wheatley's HIGH RISE.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

***New concert: TANGERINE DREAM live in HONG KONG 2017***

Unofficial concert news: TANGERINE DREAM will be playing at the AC Hall* in Hong Kong on Feb 26 2017:

*Hong Kong Baptist University, 224 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong Please wait for official confirmation.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Today: OCT 1 2016 - Ulrich Schnauss in concert


NEW Ulrich Schnauss album to be released Nov 4 on CD & 2 x LP

Ulrich's new album 'No Further Ahead Than Today' which I had the pleasure of listening to for the last three weeks (cheers Ulrich) - is IMHO 'the best' album I have heard for anyone in years. I'll go further than that and add it is *probably* Ulrich's finest album to date. If you caught any of his recent shows then you will be familiar with many of the 9 tracks featured on the album, however I think the shorter form makes them shine. Checkout track 3 THE MAGIC IN YOU with it's funky syncopated sequence - now with added male vocals or the closing track ILLUSORY SUN with it's millitary snare rolls, mind-worm melody and fantastically extended down tempo closing. Euphroic and melodic, the album is a jewel. I really can't recommend it highly enough.

Track list:
Artwork by Nat Urazmetova

Released by SCRIPTED REALITIES [PIAS] on CD and double vinyl LP on Nov 4 2016. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

TANGERINE DREAM "Stranger Things" covers go viral...viral...viral..

Over the last four days Tangerine Dream's two "Stranger Things" 'covers' have gone viral, not only being covered by 25+ major websites (ROLLING STONE, NME PITCHFORK, CONSEQUENCES OF SOUNDS etc), but have also gaining the group a major boost on theie Soundcloud page (see the link below).  FULL stats:.

As of 10.00am 15.9.16:

Total plays: 167, 533
Plays in the last 24 hours:  35,600
Followers: 3,084


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TANGERINE DREAM live in 2017

2017 will see TANGERINE DREAM return to live improvisation as part of Edgar Froese's vision for the final stage of the band - THE QUANTUM YEARS.

+++ Official TANGERINE DREAM Newsletter AUGUST 2016+++

Hi Guys,

We hope you had or still have a good summertime and good music is always your life companion.

Here are some news for you:


We are happy to announce the following LIVE Double CD:


Please get more details from our EASTGATE shop:

Release date: 02 Sep, Shipment: 5 Sep 2016

Finally we are also very happy to release the live concert  "STARMUS - SONIC UNIVERSE - LIVE AT TENERIFE ISLAND 2011" on DVD.

A unique cooperation between TANGERINE DREAM and QUEEN guitarist BRIAN MAY.

Please get more details here:
Release date: 02 Sep, Shipment: 5 Sep 2016

Please remember TANGERINE DREAM's following concert dates:

03 September 2016, SATURDAY: SCHWINGUNGEN FESTIVAL, Germany (close to the airport Cologne/Bonn), 9:30h, Tickets:

Tickets in English language:

08 September 2016, THURSDAY: AUGUSTA RAURICA (amphitheatre in an old Roman village), Augst, Switzerland (close to Zurich/Basel), 8 pm, Tickets:

Tickets in English language:


TANGERINE DREAM's second and third official concerts continuing the aera of THE QUANTUM YEARS - in honour of Edgar!

PS: We are planning a bigger tour for next year! As soon as this concert project gets more concrete we will of course inform you!

ARTE TV informed us that they will broadcast the Tangerine Dream documentary by mid November. This film (60 min)  was realized by German director MARGARETE KREUZER in cooperation with ARTE, RBB, TAG/TRAUM film production and EASTGATE MUSIC & ARTS. Edgar still witnessed the beginning of the film shooting and he and Bianca (his wife) had many meetings with Margarete before discussing details. We think that this film is a good - but too short - historical document of TD's musical activities within a revolutionary time. The successful crowdfunding campaign we started earlier this year will give us the possibility to produce a documentary of the band of 90 min. Hopefully this second project will be released in spring next year. At this point once again a big thank you to all those who contributed to this additional film project!

Of course we will inform you on the precise ARTE broadcast date soon.


Edgar Froese: "Tangerine Dream" is Science Fiction! // a film by Margarete Kreuzer
Both projects are in progress, we are working continually on them. We hope that the autobio can be released in late autumn, but it mainly depends on the clearing of some certain rights in connection

with this book and how fast this will go. So we still have to be a bit more patient with regard to a precise release date, but no doubt, the book will definitely be released.

Once again for all those who don't want to wait any longer, you will be refunded immediately, just send an email to But please keep in mind that the pre-sale offered

a reduced pre-release price. After releasing the book the final sales price will be higher. Cordial thanks to you, folks, for supporting this book project with your pre-sale order!


Bianca's TANGAUDIMAX museum's project for Tangerine Dream and her husband Edgar is progressing, a great museum's concept for the band and their historical and revolutionary career has been developed.

In due course we will present you this concept which shall be realised in the German capital Berlin.

If you like to support the TANGAUDIMAX, you can do it simply with purchasing in our EASTGATE shop - 20 % of the income will directly be invested into the museum's project. Every sponsor will be named in the future museum.

Please click here for more details:

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'QUANTUM KEY' EP to be reissued...

Tangerine Dream's EP "Quantum Key" will be re-issued on vinyl by 'INVISIBLE HANDS' on October 14, 2016. This was mastered at the Abbey Road recording studio on July 22 2016.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Tangerine Dream - Quantum Years - Promo - 2016/08

New TANGERINE DREAM releases - New TANGERINE DREAM releases...


Tangerine Dream & Brian May, Starmus - Sonic Universe DVD

01. Supernova (Real Star Sounds)
02. Last Horizon
03. Mr. Alexey Leonov's Speech
(First man in space who did a space walk)
04. Tenderness (Russian Song)
05. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
06. Trauma
07. Nothing And All
08. Nutshell Awakening
09. Shining Ray
10. Beauty Of Magic Antagonism
11. One Night In Space
12. Novice
13. Calymba Caly
14. Omniscience
15. Janus Parade
16. Loved By The Sun
17. Fire On The Mountain
18. Darkness Veiling The Night
19. Living In Eternity
20. Bells Of Accra
21. Sally's Garden
22. We Will Rock You (Extended)


Finally we are proud to announce the eagerly-awaited DVD production of STARMUS – SONIC UNIVERSE, a release of the sensational musical collaboration between two legendary names: Brian May and Tangerine Dream. Brian May had been for decades the great guitar player, arranger and co-singer with one of the greatest rock bands of all time: QUEEN. Tangerine Dream came from a complete different angel of the musical world.

Being the first band ever using Moog sequencer rhythm live on stage, being called the early masterminds of ambient sound and highly acclaimed Hollywood film composers for many years, Tangerine Dream have set more than one landmark in musical history. Now here is the result of a very unusual concert of the two legends at the Starmus Festival on the Island of Tenerife. In June 2011 this festival was held in the honor of the 50th Anniversary of Juri Gagarin’s first spaceflight. Among the guests you could witness Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon) in one of his last public appearances and Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon), Alexei Leonow - first man stepping out of his capsule into space, Jim Lovell and many more. The first track of the DVD - SUPERNOVA - integrates ORIGINAL, REAL STAR SOUNDS – something very special. Prof. Garik Israelian, astrophysicist and founder of the STARMUS FESTIVAL captured these unique sounds. Can you imagine how the sun sounds in space? Get an idea of this sound when listening to SUPERNOVA. Enjoy with this release the highlights of TD’s musical career in combination with Brian May’s unique guitar. Dedicated to Edgar.

Tangerine Dream - Live at the Philharmoie in Szczecin, Poland 2016 CD.  


01. Rubycon
02. Mirage Of Reality - Part One
03. Genesis Of Precious Thoughts
04. Kiev Mission
05. Logos
06. Ricochet
07. Proton Bonfire
08. White Eagle
09. Grind


01. Dolphin Dance
02. Warsaw In The Sun
03. Second Gravity
04. Madagasmala
05. Love On A Real Train
06. Sorcerer Theme
07. Mirage Of Reality - Part Two
08. Song Of The Whale
09. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green



Originally Mr. Klaus Schulze, the well-known contemporary of Edgar Froese and pioneer of electronic music was invited to play in the Szczecin Philharmony (Poland) in June 2016, but unfortunately had to cancel the concert due to his severe state of health. So he suggested Tangerine Dream to perform in his stead, which the band thankfully accepted. The concert took place in a stunningly beautiful location within the framework of the SOUNDLab concert series. This special concert was the first official big concert for the three remaining TD members to perform live within the new period of THE QUANTUM YEARS, the period Edgar Froese, founder and head of Tangerine Dream until his death in January 2015, still had the chance to introduce in Australia in 2014.

Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko chose a series of well-known and popular TD tracks, but also came up with many new arrangements and some very new tracks from their QUANTUM KEY EP. Enjoy listening to a great live concert in Poland in a special atmosphere and with a wonderful audience. Dedicated to Edgar.

NB: shipping starts on SEPT 5 and you can pre-order these now from the official TD EASTGATE store: CLICK HERE.  Also available from Compact Disc Services in the UK: CLICK HERE

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Tangerine Dream's LOVE ON A REAL TRAIN used on MR ROBOT EP 5

Series:  MR ROBOT
Seaon: One
Episode: _br4ve-trave1er.asf

Notes: This episode uses Tangerine Dream's track Love on a Real Train (originally composed for the Paul Brickman 1983 movie RISKY BUSINESS starring & ) The track plays out at the end of Episode 5;  approximately at the 41.10 mark and then runs to the end of the episode, about 44.44. This is the full, original version that appeared on the RISKY BUSINESS OST (albeit faded in from it's original running time of 3:58 on the CD *), and not the remix that recently appeared.

* NB, the first LP version released on Virgin Records was shorter. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Next TANGERINE DREAM concert...

SEPTEMBER 3 2016: ‘Tangerine Dream - The Quantum Years - In Honour of Edgar Froese’ SCHWINGUNGEN FESTIVAL, “Internationales Festival für Elektronische Musik” Windeck, Germany, 9.30 pm.


UNI Sphere (Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter) 4.30pm
Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim, Schiller) 7,00pm
Tangerine Dream, 9.30pm

The title track from EXIT by TANGERINE DREAM as used on the STRANGER THINGS OST

Text from the JAN 1982 issue of E&MM magazine. 

This is a smoothly performed piece with a floating quality that is pushed gently along by the repeated two bar two-note sequence and ‘spiked’ bass sound. There’s a tape reversal effect at the start which is a cymbal backwards and Edgar calls the filter sweeps ‘splashes’. Once again a very strong theme is played on the PPG which appears four times. The syncopation is very precise and gives the subtle move away from the beat that is a feature of TD’s music. It is derived from Chris and Edgar’s liking for modern jazz. The fast running notes up and down in the next stage of the piece are made on the PPG1 Sequencer with a random reset point selected by Edgar during recording to give a free feeling. As the music moves on, real thunder sounds are treated with flanging and phasing.

Edgar Froese: We love to use natural elements against our electronic sounds as a result we don’t actually perform this piece on stage. Some effects such as this do restrict us from playing several pieces live, although for example, we now do the reversed cymbal effect on the MiniMoog.

The piece ends with treated ‘rain’ washing away the music.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Stranger Things And How Tangerine Dream Soundtracked The ’80s - Molly Lambert on the German synthwave band's TV moment.


Stranger Things And How Tangerine Dream Soundtracked The ’80s - Molly Lambert on the German synthwave band's TV moment.

Tangerine Dream are having a TV moment, with songs featured on Stranger Things and Mr. Robot, and Tangerine Dream–influenced soundtracks on Halt and Catch Fire and Vice Principals. It’s unsurprising, given the long partnership between the German electronic art-rocker band and the moving image. Founded in 1967, Tangerine Dream wrote their first American film score in 1977, for William Friedkin’s thriller Sorcerer, after Friedkin begged them to consider scoring. The band, known for their knotty psychedelic electronic music, were not the most obvious choice to cross over into the mainstream, but their Prussian bandleader Edgar Froese had a lifelong interest in film, and the group’s pulsating paranoid krautrock was a perfect fit for the ticking-bomb nightmare world of Sorcerer. That film begat more scores — Michael Mann’s’s icy crime ballet Thief, 1981 B-horror Strange Behavior, and ’80s Cold War schlocker The Soldier.

Their 1983 score for Risky Business exposed the band to an entirely new audience. Tangerine Dream’s music opens the film as we see Tom Cruise’s character Joel Goodsen wandering through a dream fog of shower steam toward a beckoning but unreachable naked woman — establishing a tone that sets the movie apart from virtually every other ’80s sex comedy with its seriousness and authentic sexiness. Risky Business is as much about class and striving as it is about sex and rescuing a glass egg from a pimp. It takes the earnest suburban desires of Joel Goodson seriously: to lose his virginity, to get into a good school, to separate his parents’ desires for his future from his own.

Risky Business also takes Lana, the gorgeous escort played by Rebecca De Mornay, seriously. Joel’s “parents out of town” scenario becomes the grounds for his coming of age, and Cruise as Joel is incredible at conveying the weird mixture of teenage horniness and the fear of being overtaken by that horniness. In his star-making performance, Cruise is anything but the confident ace — Joel is fumbling and awkward when he meets his delivery dream girl, and believable as a nerdy, SAT-obsessed prep. It’s a straightforward coming-of-age movie that turns crime thriller once Joe Pantoliano shows up as Lana’s pimp. The car chases that dominate the movie’s second half are the physical manifestation of Joel’s paranoia over breaking his parents’ rules that runs concurrent to his initiation into sex.

And who better to convey the connection between sensuality and fear than Tangerine Dream? The band’s “Love on a Real Train,” with its ornately repetitive synth patterns, hypnotic chimes, and percussive choogling drum machines, is what makes the infamous train sex scene feel so visceral and fresh. It’s shot and scored voyeuristically, making viewers complicit as they lean in closer to try to hear Joel and Lana in the mix, earning the film its hard R rating. In a decade full of over-the-top cinematic coitus, that train sex scene sends chills up the spine with its restraint, owing in large part to the cool, understated soundtrack.

Tangerine Dream’s post–Risky Business résumé is varied. There’s a lot of sci-fi: alien movie Wavelength, Michael Mann’s haunted Nazi fortress film The Keep, and the Stephen King adaptation Firestarter. But they weren’t limited to scoring futuristic or horrific situations — they did romcoms, historical films, and the excellent 1985 high school wrestling coming-of-age movie Vision Quest starring Matthew Modine, whose love theme was Madonna’s “Crazy for You.” Tangerine Dream were also called in to rescore Ridley Scott’s 1985 fantasy epic Legend — Jerry Goldsmith had already written a complete score, but the studio was worried that it would make the medieval fantasy epic feel stale. And it’s the Tangerine Dream music that makes Legend such a weird trip, a distinctly ’80s version of high fantasy.

By the time he starred in Legend, Tom Cruise was in full flower, and his second go-round with Tangerine Dream makes especially poignant that that movie marked the last time we would ever see him as that angelically boyish — his next film would be Top Gun. The Legend score is Tangerine Dream at their New Age–iest, but even their mists of Avalon have a sinister undertone that makes the movie feel like a nightmare after playing dungeon crawlers for too long. In the late ’80s, Tangerine Dream scored three more cult classics: the vampire Western Near Dark, surreal high school comedy Three O’Clock High, and 1988’s Miracle Mile.

If the last few decades of cable and online original television were analogous to the New Hollywood of the 1970s, then we are firmly in the ’80s now, with accordant big budgets and genre-specific projects. And a number of shows have referenced Tangerine Dream’s ’80s soundtracks, both as shorthand for the decade and to establish a certain tone. (Tangerine Dream are no strangers to TV: They provided the rad theme song for futuristic motorcycle cop ’80s show Street Hawk.) Whether you think quoting another vehicle’s soundtrack is cheap or just another sampling tool, there’s a critical mass of shows trying to catch a whiff of Tangerine Dream’s acid futurism right now. Vice Principals, scored by Joseph Stephens with analog synths to replicate the imperfect phasing of contemporary ’80s synths, is an ode to the sociopathic male heroes of action movies, like the world’s most low-stakes Charles Bronson vehicle, and it evokes Tangerine Dream for the Michael Mann feeling — to supply a terse backdrop to the protagonists’ behavioral horrors.

Mr. Robot played “Love on a Real Train” at the end of an episode in the first season because Tangerine Dream, with their emphasis on the psychotropic possibilities of machines, have a strong affiliation with cyberpunk. Netflix hit Stranger Things is scored by Austin group Survive, who use analog synths and specifically reference the Tangerine Dream scores for Sorcerer and The Keep as major influences. Vintage synthheads like Survive (and digital replicants alike) make music in the genre that has come to be called synthwave — or “outrun,” after the 1986 driving arcade game that let players select a soundtrack (a first). Inspired by the early days of electronic music and artists like Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, John Carpenter, and, of course, Tangerine Dream, synthwave is a postmodern take on the ’80s, aiming to capture the way it feels to watch an ’80s movie scored by Tangerine Dream late at night on TV more than to actually replicate their sound. Stranger Things is a synthwave TV show, and as with every part of it, the soundtrack comes in quotes. As if to drive the point home, an actual Tangerine Dream song, “Exit,” plays at the end of episode six.

At a “Tangerine Dream on Film” event put on by the Alamo Drafthouse LA over the weekend, programmer Bret Berg interviewed former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger. Haslinger, who was in the band from 1986 to 1990, and who currently scores Halt and Catch Fire and Fear the Walking Dead, explained that he spends a third of the year touring, a third of the year scoring, and a third of the year in the studio making albums. He was diplomatic when asked about the Stranger Things soundtrack, saying that anything that gets a new generation interested in the music is good, and mentioning the influence of It Follows and John Carpenter on the show’s pastiche. He also cited the joy of bringing out some of his older analog machines to score Halt and Catch Fire — a show in which the ’80s are naturalistic and beautifully mundane, focused on the burgeoning world of tech. In response to a question about whether the old machines fall out of tune sometimes when running, Haslinger said that other people spend endless amounts of time trying to make digital music sound similarly out of tune, because it’s the imperfections inherent in these “perfect” machines that can be so pleasurable.

So what’s with all the Tangerine Dream right now? Maybe it’s a case of collective nostalgia, like a mysterious fog that overtakes a small town and sets all their brainwaves to the same alien radio station. But for all its associations with the ’80s, the band’s music thrives because it’s timelessly futuristic. The connections they made between electronic music, New Age, and classical, the way they bridged mainstream and avant-garde and fused psychedelic improvisation to industrialism, all still makes them feel ahead of their time — probably because they were beamed to us from a distant planet, a million light years from now.

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The soundtrack uses the following short cues or excerpts:

S1 · E5 · Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat: TRACK: GREEN DESERT.  Approx. 14.48 - 16.32

S1 · E6 · Chapter Six: The Monster: TRACK: EXIT.  Approx. 32.26 - 32.37

S1 · E8 · Chapter Eight: The Upside Down: TRACK: HORIZON (Warsaw Gate mix).  Approx. 18.15 - 18.50